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Learning Wheelchair Tennis with the Pros

David Hall has been referred to as Australia's greatest wheelchair player of all time.

Hall won 9 Australian Opens, 8 US Opens, 7 British Opens and 6 Paralympic medals including gold at the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games.  

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Let’s Roll – Learning Wheelchair Tennis with the Pros

Learning wheelchair tennis has just become a lot easier! One of the masters of the sport, 6-time World Champion David Hall, together with his long-time coach Rich Berman, have put together a comprehensive video tutorial of all the basics of playing wheelchair tennis.

What you’ll learn: 

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The Spin Drill

This is a great serving drill for adding more spin to your serve. Coach Rich Berman would stand in front of me whilst I was

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The Match Situation Drill

With these Match Situation Drills I’m trying to simulate match conditions by immersing myself in the heat of the rally. As the rally is moving

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The Bucket Drill

One of the hardest things to do in tennis is to keep your head still during the swing especially when your body is going in

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"David Hall is a wonderful storyteller with a flair for weaving in great life messages."

“The Ryde Sports Foundation acknowledges the value of the very powerful motivational and inspirational messages that David Hall can communicate to other athletes at the start of their journeys in sport, and of even more importance the challenge to the audience who witness him speak.”

“Thanks very much for your fantastic presentation last night. I have had lovely comments from many of the guests regarding how much they enjoyed your talk and personality. You are certainly a positive individual who has led an inspiring life”

“David has attracted worldwide recognition for his success as a Wheelchair Tennis athlete, World Championships, Paralympic Gold Medal, International Titles – all of which add to his credibility and status as a passionate and convincing speaker at any corporate or community event.”

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