Fitness Training – Hill Pushing

Pushing hills was a great way for me to develop strength to generate power for pushing the wheelchair on the tennis court, it’s also a

The Spin Drill

This is a great serving drill for adding more spin to your serve. Coach Rich Berman would stand in front of me whilst I was

The Power Serve Drill

This is a great drill for increasing power on the serve.  The purpose of the drill is to hit the back fence on the full.

The Realistic Serving Drill

Warm up your serve by hitting 20 serves side to side, first and second serves, then put your targets up in all 4 corners. Start

The Match Situation Drill

With these Match Situation Drills I’m trying to simulate match conditions by immersing myself in the heat of the rally. As the rally is moving

The Bucket Drill

One of the hardest things to do in tennis is to keep your head still during the swing especially when your body is going in

The Two Swing Drill

This is a drill to help with your racquet preparation. Its great to do this drill if you are about to compete on faster surfaces.

The Oscillate Drill

This is another great ball machine drill, its called the Oscillate Drill, named after a button on the ball machine which delivers the balls to

The Volley Drill

This is a good ball machine drill to work on your volley, especially if you’re working on technique. It is also beneficial for learning how

The Approach and Volley Drill

This approach and volley drill on the ball machine is a great way to groove your transition game.  The set-up of the ball machine is

Reverse Mobility

Reverse Mobility is traditionally a defensive move to allow yourself more time to track down the ball.  Here is a ball machine drill to practise

Outside Turns

Outside turns are usually a defensive move. In this video I demonstrate the different ways to make an outside turn on the forehand and backhand

Inside Turns

Inside turns are a necessary mobility move, especially when you are playing attacking tennis. In this video I demonstrate the different ways to make an

Out to the side back to the middle

The Ball Machine is a great tool to develop your game. It allows you to groove your technique, work on different plays and improve your

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Wheelchair Tennis History

Wheelchair Tennis was founded in 1976 by Brad Parks and Jeff Minnenbraker in the USA. After an accident that left Brad Parks paralyzed, Brad read

wheelchair tennis history

Rules of Wheelchair Tennis

Wheelchair tennis is one of the most exciting sports to play and watch. There are no modifications to the racquet or tennis balls. Wheelchair tennis