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David Hall



Basic Strokes and Mobility


Basic Chair Mobility


Basic Forehand



Basic Backhand

  Overhead Smash

Basic Overhead Smash



Basic Serve

  Return of Serve

Basic Return of Serve



Basic Volley

  Basic Strokes in Action

Basic Strokes in Action



Advanced Strokes & Mobility


Advanced Mobility


Advanced Forehand



Advanced Backhand


Advanced Serve


  Approach & Volley

Advanced Approach & Volley




Special Features


Mental Toughness Part 1
with David Hall

With Rich Berman and Bill Trubey


Mental Toughness Part 2
with David Hall

With Rich Berman and Bill Trubey


  Coaches Clinic

With Frank Adams
  Chair Selection

With Bill Trubey


  Injury Prevention Part 1

With David Hall

  Injury Prevention Part 2

With David Hall


  Strokes in Slow Motion

Strokes in Slow Motion


David Hall, coached by Rich Berman, has the following career highlights:

9 Australian Opens
7 British Opens
8 US Opens
8 Japan Opens
1 Gold Medal
3 Silver Medals
2 Bronze Medals
6 Time World Champion
Australia Sports Hall of Fame
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Special thanks to all those who helped make these videos possible:

Dennis Van der Meer

Bill Trubey

Frank Adams

Alan Tsuda

Chad Tsuda

Elle Berman


Jack Berman
(who wanted his son,
Rich, to be a teacher)

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